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Welcome to our Website:
 We are a community organization that was established in circa 1937 in the Boston area, we celebrate Canadian Heritage and Traditional Canadian/Celtic Music. We want to make available to people in New England our Distinctive Culture and Traditional Music. We have weekly Dances/Pub-Jam Session Nights/Dinner-Dances/ Concerts/ and many events throughout the year. We encourage young people to keep the  Canadian/Celtic tradition and music alive and growing in New England.

Check out these links below: Learn an instrument thru this great site. Need help with Social Branding. This is the place. Some great Cape Breton music and great friend of the clubs.  Some great Prince Edward Island Fiddle music and great friend of the club.

Gordon Belsher Some Great music from Prince Edward Island and great friend of the club.

Canadian American club is the home of 
Boston  Reynolds,Hanafin,Cooley Branch

Marcia Young Palmater

Gannon's Traditional Irish Music Shop

The purpose of the BSFC is to enjoy the experience and educate the public of the full spectrum of Scottish traditional folk music through public meetings, workshops, sessions, playing at folk gathering or benefits and tune book publications.

 "The Can-Am Club is a great place to enjoy yourself. You can be entertained or become part of the entertainment. Guaranteed fun when there is a dinner, so don't miss the food, the music and the chance to dance. It's just terrific. "

Pat Binns, Canadian Consul General to New England  ( past Consul General)

 We had one Platinum Club Supporter for our Annual Club Fundraiser for 2014.

Best Wishes to the Canadian American Club from the Conway Family

Jesslyn Conway

Thank you to Jesslyn and family and her mom Thersea Avery for always supporting the club in many different ways, it is truly appreciate by all.We are happy to have all of you as part of our club family.

Become a Platinum Sponsor by contacting the club before the 2015 Gala  Family Day Fundraiser in the fall.



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